Who is Alizaib Hassan? Ali zaib Hassan is a search engine optimization specialist. Alizaib Hassan: Automate SEO-related tasks using Python. Ali zaib regularly attends webinars, conferences, and SEO-related events. He focuses on automation, data science, web development, entity-based SEO, marketing, and branding. In addition to SEO, he also enjoys discussing cyber security and python automation. Alizaib has been recognized by Blackberry, Mediafire, ESET antivirus, and many other companies for finding vulnerabilities in their websites. Along with that, he is the founder of CAPRAHEM which handmade leather accessories brand that deals in wallets, belts, keychains, and other leather items.

As an expert in SEO, Cyber Security, and Automation, I frequently discuss these topics on my blog and in workshops. Allow me to provide a brief overview of each subject:

Ali zaib Hassan

ali zaib hassan, ali zaib, alizaib hassan

ali zaib hassan, ali zaib, alizaib hassan

ali zaib hassan, ali zaib, alizaib hassan

ali zaib hassan, ali zaib, alizaib hassan

ali zaib hassan, ali zaib, alizaib hassan


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). It is a digital marketing strategy that involves optimizing various aspects of a website, such as its content, structure, and technical features, to make it more attractive to search engines. The goal of SEO is to increase organic traffic to a website by improving its ranking for relevant keywords and phrases. This is typically done through a combination of on-page optimization (making changes to the website itself) and off-page optimization (building high-quality backlinks from other websites). By improving the visibility of a website in search engine results, businesses and organizations can attract more qualified leads and potentially increase their revenue.

I started SEO back in 2014 when I first create my blog. i learned and implemented everything on my blog. Till now I have worked with a lot of clients, and SEO agencies from different industries and niches.


Automation refers to the use of technology to perform tasks without human intervention. In the context of information technology, automation often involves the use of software programs and algorithms to perform tasks that would normally require human input and intervention. Automation can be used to streamline processes, reduce the risk of errors, and improve efficiency and productivity. There are many different ways that automation can be applied, such as in manufacturing, where robots are used to assemble products, or in business processes, where software is used to manage and analyze data. Automation can also be used to perform repetitive or time-consuming tasks, such as sending emails or generating reports. By automating certain processes, organizations can save time, reduce costs, and increase the accuracy and reliability of their work.

I have coded a lot of automation scripts in python for making my life easier, especially in Automating SEO tasks. I am planning to share those on my blog.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from digital attacks, theft, and damage. It involves the use of technologies, processes, and policies to secure networks, devices, and sensitive information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. Cybersecurity is an important concern for individuals, businesses, and governments around the world, as the increasing reliance on digital systems and networks has made them vulnerable to a variety of threats, such as hackers, viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. By implementing effective cybersecurity measures, organizations can protect their systems and data from cyber threats and minimize the risk of cyber attacks.

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Some Related Work

Alizaib Hassan Gave a Keynote Speech on SEO for local e-commerce at eMustakbil by Connected Pakistan Conference in 2023.

alizaib hassan on local ecommerce

Alizaib Hassan Conducted a workshop about SEO and automation at Connected Pakistan Conference in 2022.

Below you can see some pictures from the workshop.

Ali zaib hassan conducting a workshop on seo automationAli zaib hassan conducting a workshop on seo automation

I have written about cyber security in past you can find more about that from this link.

BlackBerry Hall of Fame:

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