139% Growth in Website Traffic – SEO Case Study

Updated on June 7, 2023

139% growth in clicks I just fixed the following technical SEO issues:

1️⃣ Page Speed Optimization: I streamlined their website’s loading time, ensuring a smooth and swift user experience.

2️⃣ Site Internal Link Optimization: By reorganizing their website’s internal links, I enhanced its crawlability and indexability.

3️⃣ Mobile Responsiveness: I optimized their site for mobile devices, capturing the growing share of mobile search traffic.

4️⃣ XML Sitemap Optimization: I fine-tuned their XML sitemap to ensure all relevant pages were properly indexed by search engines and removed all 404 pages from the sitemap.

Also fixed a few more on-page issues as well

✅ The Results:

An extraordinary 139% surge in organic traffic within a remarkably short timeframe.

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